Together on the Beach

Together on the Beach by Allan J Jones Photography
Together on the Beach

I don’t often do “street photography” … but this image in downtown Port Townsend was compelling. The empty table and chairs with the couple at the picnic table, and the clouds were a nice touch.

I invite you to visit my website  to view my photos in a gallery format. I also have some photo essays of hiking in Olympic National Park and some examples of other art I have done over the years. Thank you.

Camera: Nikon D850
Lens: Nikkor 105mm
ISO 100    1/320 sec    f/9.0

Jeff Noir

JJA noir

This is my hiking buddy, Jeff.

We were just about to head off for a couple days camping and hiking in the Queets River area in Olympic National Park. I had just loaded a roll of film into my Mamiya C33 Twin Lens camera and took this shot.

It took me a while to take the rest of the roll … for one thing, that camera makes my Nikon DSLR seem lightweight. It’s a brick.

(His last name isn’t really Noir)

Throwing Dirt

Throwing Dirt, Capitol Lake, Olympia, Washington by Allan J Jones Photography
Throwing Dirt, Capitol Lake, Olympia, Washington

I was walking around Capitol Lake and saw this young girl throwing handfuls of dirt from the walking/running path into the lake. The wind would pick up the dust and swirl it around in a nice pattern. She was doing it again and again… and it reminded me how much I enjoyed doing that as a child. As an adult, I have often rolled rocks down hillsides in the mountains (when I knew it was safe) … and have also spent a lot of time throwing big rocks into lakes … especially from high altitudes. The splash is wonderful … and the sound is always a little different. The simple joys.

Camera: Nikon D850
Lens: Nikon 300mm F/4
ISO: 2500    1/800 sec   f/16


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