Krause Bottom, Elwha River Valley

Krause Bottom, Elwha Valley, Olympic National Park by Allan J Jones Photograhpy
Krause Bottom, Elwha Valley, Olympic National Park

This was the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, 2001. We had hiked up the Elwha Valley and visited Krause Bottom in the Olympic National Park. This was before they removed the dam to return the upper river to salmon habitat. While it didn’t rain on us, there were low clouds/fog/mist that gave the valley a mysterious look. We had camped at the upper end of the valley a couple times and hiked through several more … it is always a special.

Camera: Olympus E-10
Lens: Olympus 22mm
ISO 80    1/100 sec    f/2.8

Summer’s Past

Summer's Past by Allan J Jones Photography
Summer’s Past

The sun was still trying to burn through the fog when I was walking around Capitol Lake. The title here is a play on words… since not only is summer over, but the rope swing hanging from the tree hasn’t been used for years. The lake is closed due to an invasive species of snail. It was a nice place to take the canoe out until they closed it.

Camera: Nikon D850
Lens: Nikon 28-300mm set at 300mm
ISO 200    1/320 sec    f/8.0