Junco by Allan J Jones Photography

During one of my walks around Fort Worden in Port Townsend, I noticed a number of Junco’s flitting through the branches of a tree along the trail. This little guy was nice enough to sit still long enough that I was able to get a couple shots off… I think we had the same thoughts: is it spring yet?

Camera: Nikon D850
Lens: Nikkor 28-300mm set at 300
ISO 800    1/800 sec    f/6.3

Waterfront Building


I was attracted to the way that the light of the sunset was reflecting off the wood of the building which was reflected off the water. Then a seagull flew in and I got a shot off just before it landed in the water.

Camera: Nikon D850
Lens: Nikon 28-300mm set at 70mm
ISO 400    1/400 sec    f/10

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron by Allan J Jones Photography
Great Blue Heron

It was a pretty cold morning with a brisk wind and this Great Blue Heron looked like he was really wanting to have some nice warm sun … which wasn’t to be.

Camera: Nikon D810
Lens: Nikon 300mm f/4 with 2x multiplier
ISO 3200    1/640 sec at f/8.0

Snow Geese

Snow Geese by Allan J Jones Photography
Snow Geese

These snow geese were at the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge. They are an uncommon visitor, so it’s always a treat when some show up.

Camera: Nikon D200
Lens: Nikon 55-200mm set at 112mm
ISO 100    1/100 sec    f/5.0

Three Mallards

Three Mallards on a Log by Allan J Jones Photographyt
Three Mallards on a Log

This ducks were all standing on this log in the morning sun. I think they may have just wanted to get out of the scummy water. I know I sure would have.

Camera: Nikon D850
Lens: Nikon 28-300mm set at 250mm
ISO 200    1/250 sec    f/8.0

American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch photo by Allan J Jones
American Goldfinch

The other morning I was sitting doing the crossword puzzle and caught a glimpse of yellow in my peripheral vision. I looked up and saw that a goldfinch had landed in the very top of the tree right outside my window (I’m on the third floor). I quickly grabbed my cell phone and took a photo. Then got up and grabbed my Nikon and took a shot with the lens that was on it … a 50mm. I was surprised that I could move around and have it not fly away… even though it was 40 feet away (or so). So I got my 300mm lens and took this shot. (some cropping)

There was a little breeze, so I set the ISO at 400 to give me a shutter speed at 1/250th while still being able to have the aperture at f/8.

Camera: Nikon D810
Lens: Nikon 300mm f4 PF ED
ISO 400    1/250 sec    f/8

Lutak Inlet Eagle

Eagle on Lutak Inlet, Haines, Alaska
Eagle on Lutak Inlet, Haines, Alaska

I was early for the ferry going from Haines to Skagway. It is a short crossing, but I was excited about the trip, since it started my drive home from Alaska down to Washington. I had visited Alaska a number of times and lived there in the 70’s for a year, but I had always either rode the ferry or flown. So, I was pretty darn early for the boat.

The ticket agent at the ferry terminal suggested I could drive up the Lutak road and enjoy the scenery for an hour or so and still be plenty early, which I did. On the way back to the terminal, I noticed an eagle sitting on a piece of driftwood along the shore. The wind was blowing hard and ruffling the feathers.

Photo taken May 19, 2017

Camera: Nikon D810
Lens: Nikon 28-300mm set at 300mm
ISO 400    1/500 sec    f/11

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