Fort Worden Abstract II

Abstract Image Fort Worden St Park by Allan J Jones
Abstract Image Fort Worden St Park

Fort Worden State Park is located in Port Townsend, Washington and is the site of a number of fine restaurants, a pub or two and music and arts events. (also the location of the 1982 film “An Officer and a Gentleman”)

Camera: Olympus E-10
Lens: Olympus 25mm
ISO 80    1/160 sec    f/3.2

A Happy Mistake

Mt Olympus Inkwork Blurred by Allan J Jones
Mt Olympus Inkwork Blurred

Sometimes mistakes are interesting.

During a hike of the High Divide (one of the highlights of the Olympic National Park), we camped along the ridge. The view across the Hoh River valley to Mt Olympus was dramatic.

On return, I used the photo for the basis of an art pen image which I then took a photo of to print as a greeting card.

During the process of printing a test card, I put a sheet of photo paper wrong side up in the printer. As a result, the ink ran all over the place. However, the image that resulted had an interesting impressionistic feel to it. Once the ink (eventually) dried, I scanned it.

The original image:

Mt Olympus Inkwork
Mt Olympus Inkwork

The photo:

Mt Olympus from Hi Divide by Allan J Jones Photography
Mt Olympus from Hi Divide

Cadmium Yellow

Cadmium Yellow Swirl
Cadmium Yellow Swirl

Here are the steps involved in this image:

The original was taken with a Minolta XD11 with a 50mm macro lens on Ektachrome 400 slide film. I shot down into a tube of Liquitex Cadmium Yellow (which had separated some).

After getting the image back from processing, I used an X-acto scalpel to scrape the emulsion of the film along color boundaries. I then digitized the image by projection and shooting with a Nikon D200.

I took the digital image file into Photoshop and used the Wave and Twirl filters. Finally, I adjusted the levels of the highlights and shadows and the saturation and vibrance in Lightroom.

The Weekly Photo Challenge topic for this week was “Twisted”. I figure the twisted part can either be the intentional scratching of the film (“What kind of a twisted individual would intentionally scratch film?”) or the Photoshop effect afterwards.